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foursquarecourt2.jpgFour-Square Clobbers Cancer is a conversational blog that is dedicated to improving the outcomes of children, adolescents, and young adults who are being treated or have been treated for cancer.  The goal is to inform, communicate and collaborate with those in the cancer community.


Four-Square is a very popular game played by children, adolescents and even young adults.   Following the rules and reacting to the constant changing path of a big orange ball, the object is to stay in the game as long as possible.  It’s kind of like the game of life,  where the object is to react favorably to the fast, changing  things that come your way,  stay healthy, live as long as possible and have fun.

Four-Square by definition is also used as an adjective that means firm and resolute, especially in support of someone or something.  “We stand four-square in our conviction to improve the therapies and outcomes of children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer.”bounceball

Clobber is actually a term used in the game of Four-Square and,  coincidently, it means the same thing in the game of life.  It’s what everyone wants to do to cancer!

Complete information about Four Square Clobbers Cancer and it’s bloggers can be found by clicking the “About” tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.



Recently heard the words,”Your child has cancer?” Please read this:

BestCare_edited-1If you found this site because you have recently heard, “Your child has cancer,” this article is a must read if you are trying to decide, “What next?”  The advice given is invaluable and will help you on your journey down this uncertain road.

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1 Response to Welcome!

  1. Anntte says:

    today i found your blog and website…and right there was Carry Me, the book our son Carson wrote during his fight for life….
    his valiant fight started when he was 14 and ended when he was 17…

    when cancer was relentless & the docs said there were no other treatments, Carson’s ONLY wish was to have his book published, it was published 6 days before he died…

    Then his dying wish was to have the tumors that invaded his brain studied…with a dream to help the next kid not die from cancer like he was…we honored his dying wish and have not stopped..GREAT AMAZING progress in research are being made…with those disgusting tumors

    Friday I met the braniac who is studying the tumors from Carson’s brain…
    if you would like to see our website go to http://www.carsonlesliefoundation.org
    thank you for posting Carry Me on your website…(we have sold thousands and thousands…of copies plus, every single penny from the sale of Carry Me goes to research, Carson was the most amazing, courageous, funny, cocky boy with moxie that I have EVER known…i HATE cancer…
    annette (Carson’s momma)

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