DIPG? Suggested Best Practices Guide


A diagnosis of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) is shocking to any parent. First you must know that time is of the essence.  DIPG has a poor prognosis and will require quick action.

An outline of suggested best practices has been prepared for use by parents. Dr. Sabine Mueller is a pediatric neuro-oncologist who specializes in caring for children with brain tumors and related genetic syndromes. Before completing medical school, she worked as a scientist, director of genomics and project leader for a brain tumor program at AGY Therapeutics, a biotechnology company in South San Francisco.

In her research, Mueller studies treatments for children with brain tumors, looking especially at improving long-term cognitive outcomes.

Print the Best Practices guide below and discuss with your neuro-oncolgist. Print PDF Here

DIPG Best Practices Upon Diagnosis