Grandparents in Action

Grandparents in Action (GIA) is an informal association of grandparents directly impacted by having a grandchild who was diagnosed with cancer and are dedicated to improving the outcomes of children with cancer, ages infants to 19. GIA was created by a group of grandparents who are members of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2), who live in different states and never would have met but for the fact that their grandchildren had/have cancer – their individual missions brought them together in support of the same objective, to find a cure for all childhood cancers! Our objective is to support CAC2 and it’s goals and objectives. Our intention is to build public awareness to the needs of children with cancer and seek to inspire hope and courage not only in the children with cancer, but also in their families, friends, and others in in their and our communities. If you are a grandparent who has been directly impacted by pediatric cancer, we invite you to join our cause! Together we can give a voice to our legacy.

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