A 10 year old, Speaking from Experience



Natalia Sofia is a childhood cancer survivor. Two years ago, she was only eight years old and diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma of her femur. She has endured surgery, intense chemotherapies and radiation treatments. She suffers from side effects of her life-saving treatments. This is her story written and presented to her school in her own words.

NataliaPresentation _edited-1Did you know that worldwide a child is diagnosed with pediatric cancer every 3 minutes?

Before a child turns 20, about 1 in every 285 children in America will have cancer. Unfortunately I was one of those kids, I had cancer. But fortunately, I am in remission, now and doing very well!

Because of my experience, I think and feel that we need better medicine for the children. The medicine for childhood cancer is from the 1970’s…I know, right?!?  That’s a loooong time ago!  That’s why we need to get chemo that is made for kids, NOT adult chemo. Because the medicine for childhood cancer is really made for adults, that does not mean the kids don’t take it. Childhood cancer medicine is very strong and makes their hair fall off.  We need to donate money, hats, and beanies. I think we should get medicine that doesn’t involve hair falling off.

NataliaTreatmentDid you know that childhood cancer is more deadly than asthma, cystic fibrosis, and pediatric AIDS combined. The month of childhood cancer awareness is in September, the ribbon is gold and people wear gold tshirts to support childhood cancer. But when that month is gone, the awareness is gone and so is all the support from the people wearing the gold tshirts. But that doesn’t mean pediatric cancer leaves…IT DOES NOT STOP.

That’s why I am here today. I am asking YOU to help bring more awareness to our community. What can you do to help raise awareness? You can first promote more research to be done in the community. More research brings better medicines for kids like me. Lastly, you can organize a fundraiser in your neighborhood. We need more funding to help cure pediatric cancer. Most kids don’t die from cancer, they die from the chemo side NataliaSupergirleffects. That is how strong and harsh it is. Chemo side effects are mostly kidney failure, heart failure, and liver failure. And for most part secondary cancers. Also, only 4% of 100% of funds go to funding for childhood cancer research. Let’s make that into a 100%!!!
Put yourself in someone else’s shoes that has been through cancer or is still in it. See what it’s like for yourself. Think about it, seeing and going to doctors almost every day. Missing friends at school. If you have a fever, you’re in the hospital, sometimes for a month! It’s NOT fun. So, if you were an 8year old girl or boy in the hospital on Valentine’s or Halloween or Christmas Day…what would you feel like??


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