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MoreKsCometogether_edited-2There is a lot of conversation going on about increasing funding for childhood cancer since the President mentioned it in the State of the Union Address. Until the President’s budget reaches Congress on March 12th, we have no sure way to know how much he will be asking in extra funding. Until then,  we can contact our Representatives and Senators and try to educate them on why it is so necessary for children to have treatments and drugs that are different from adults.

Batteries_edited-3Children’s cancers are not the same as adult cancers. They do not get the same cancers as adults. Today’s chemo’s kill cancer cells which are the fastest growing cells in an adult’s body.  In contrast, all cells in a child’s body are fast growing cells.  Unfortunately, because of lack of development, we are using adult chemo and radiation and both cause long term side effects for childhood cancer survivors.  We need more therapies developed just for kids’ cancers and their unique needs.

How to contact your Legislators

Everyone has one Representative and two Senators

All you need is a computer linked to the internet and your zip code

Representative: https//

Senators: https//

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