MesotheliomaMesothelioma is normally not a cancer one hears about in the childhood cancerAsbestos2 community. That may be because, in most cases, because of the long latency period, it is not normally detected until the child becomes an adult.  Today, children in older schools may be exposed to asbestos which causes this type of cancer. Notice the fact sheet below.AsbestosFacts

asbestos3If your child attends an older school, you should be aware of information that should be made available to you.  Older schools that contain asbestos need to have a management plan on record detailing how the asbestos is going to be contained or removed and a plan for taking care of any problems arising from any building damage, repairs, remodeling or new construction. Parents have a right to examine these plans. If you have any concerns about your school, contact the school administrator.

More information about asbestos and mesothelioma can be obtained at

Author: Joe Baber  with Special Thanks to Emily Walsh, Community Outreach Director, Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance


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  1. MA says:

    I did not know that asbestos was still being used in the U.S. I find that amazing with all weknow about it

  2. love says:

    Nice Post about Mesothelioma Cancer Info. I have related Post with this niche. Please visit my blogs

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