Virginia License Plate

2014-10-22 03.37.18 pm

Editor’s note: The license plate has been approved by the Virginia General Assembly and will go on sale sometime this spring. More information can be obtained by visiting the Childhood Cancer License Plate for Virginia Facebook page.

The Process

Thank you for your interest to help spread awareness about childhood cancer by using Virginia license plates! We have designed the proposed “special interest” license plate above and are going through the process required by the Virginia DMV to bring this new plate to life. Part of that approval process requires the submission of 450 pre-paid applications for the new plate. As excited as we are to see these across the state, the process isn’t a short one—it can take up to two years start to finish and generally takes about nine months to develop the new plate once we have submitted the 450 applications. So it could be some time before you see an actual new license plate, but we’re confident we will reach the 450 mark and turn in our paperwork in no time!

The Sponsors

The “we” who are sponsoring this project are Jay Coakley ( and Roya Giordano (, both of Northern Virginia, and our tons of loyal followers and supporters.

Special Note

No organization will receive any funds from the sale of these license plates. The license plate will not generate any revenue for any organization in the future. This plate was developed as an awareness symbol only.

How to get yours

Soon ( as soon as April 2015) the plate will be available from the DMV in the normal manner on it’s website or in person at any office.

If you have any questions, email Jay Coakley:

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