Time is Running Out, Please Call Today!

CALL and Speak Up!:

PhoneCallBelow are some good points to keep in mind when calling and talking to the Senator’s staff about The Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act 2.0:

Originally, in 2014 Congress passed the successful Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act as a ten year NIH program which sunsets in 2023.  Because of the success of the original Kids First Program and it’s Data Resource Center, Representative Jennifer Wexton (VA10) introduced the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act 2.0 (HR 623) in the House which passed on July 27, 2022.  The Senate companion bill, introduced by Senator Tim Kaine, is S. 1521 and will match the language of the House bill and also reauthorize Kids First for five more years which will ensure there is no gap in essential research and data collection.  Click here for your Senator’s phone number.

Cosponsors of S. 1521 include 11 Senators.  As of this writing, there are over 300 foundations and organizations including the Alliance for Childhood Cancer and more than 1,600 advocates covering all 50 states, who have signed a letter of support to the  Senate for this new bill.

Your support is essential now to build upon the successful work that has already been done and to expand and enhance our capabilities in the future. Please consider cosponsoring S. 1521 – Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act 2.0

After talking to the Senator’s office, ask to send them a “one-pager,”  In your email, please include this one-pager link  which will give them much more detailed information: https://wp.me/P2TETU-2EE

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