Committee Hearing requested for Kids First 2.0


FamiliesOnHillHeader_edited-2We need your help!

We are requesting that Congress schedule a Hearing soon. Our Bill must pass through the Health Subcommittee before it can be voted on.

Here’s how you can help:

First: Send a single email this week requesting to have a Hearing.

Second:  Share and ask everyone you know to do the same this week.

Let’s create a huge volume of email requests this week to express our sense of urgency!


1. Copy this entire prepared letter  CLICK HERE  and paste it into a blank email page.  Place this is in the subject line, “HR-623 Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act.”

2. (Optional) Insert your personal story between the first and second paragraphs in the letter above. (Also Optional) under your signature,  attach a photo of your child.

3. Copy the addresses below into the “TO:” section of your email:,,,,,

4. Now, you are ready to send it and make a difference!  Thank you for your help. Stay tuned for updates!