5 faces of Childhood Cancer

Lets put a face on childhood cancer! We need your help!

FacesClick_edited-1Kids are using their voices! Listen to these kids, ages 12 to 19 years old, put a face on childhood cancer during a Roundtable discussion with Congresswoman Jenifer Wexton about the need for her Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act 2.0. Wexton named the new 2.0 Bill after Gabriella Miller’s first bill. Gabriella died of DIPG at only 10 years old.  At the roundtable her mother, Ellyn Miller, explains how the original and very successful Kids First bill got introduced and passed in 2014 for $126 million in research and will sunset in three years. The new 2.0 Reasearch Act can add 100’s of millions of non-taypayer dollars to research the underfunded childhood cancers and other rare pediatric diseases.  These five kids will show you why the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act 2.0 is needed. We need to put their faces and voices to work. Show this to your friends, amily and others. Their stories must be told and can make a difference. YOU can make a difference, see below.  Please helpWe need your help!

Here’s how you can help:

We are requesting that Congress schedule a Hearing. Our Bill must pass through the Health Subcommittee before it can be voted on. Here’s how you can help make their voice be heard:

First: Send a single email this week requesting to have a Hearing before Mother’s Day.

Second:  Share and ask everyone you know to do the same this week.

Let’s create a huge volume of email requests this week to express our sense of urgency!


1. Copy this entire prepared letter  CLICK HERE  and paste it into a blank email page.  Place this is in the subject line, “HR-623 Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act.”

2. (Optional) Insert your personal story between the first and second paragraphs in the letter above. (Also Optional) under your signature,  attach a photo of your child.

3. Copy the addresses below into the “TO:” section of your email:

aisling.mcdonough@mail.house.gov, sophie.trainor@mail.house.gov, Kristin.Flukey@mail.house.gov, Joe.Banez@mail.house.gov, jake.freed@mail.house.gov, Ellyn@SmashingWalnuts.org

4. Now, you are ready to send it and make a difference!  Thank you for your help. Stay tuned for updates!