#MoreThan4, Maybe More

Sure, it’s easy to say, #MoreThan4 and we say it very, very often. Sometimes we say it several times per week. It’s a way for us, the #ChildhoodCancer community, to express our need for more money to be devoted to kids’ cancer research. Everyone in our community can tell you that 96% of the research performed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is spent on adult cancers. Right?

The NCI article below exposes a wide range of efforts being made for children with the rest (4%) of the money.  Granted, not all of this was funded within the 4% budget that we  constantly call attention to, a lot was made available by various pieces of legislation (MoonShot, Gabriella Miller Kids First, etc.), but it is being managed and directed by the NCI and it is benefiting childhood cancer research.  I, for one, am amazed at how much these very hard working, and dedicated cancer investigators are doing for our kids. The depths of my family’s  gratitude can not be measured. We are so very thankful! After absorbing the article and having said that, and not taking anything away from what is currently being done at the NCI, I have decided to keep working as hard as possible to get more research money available for the 1% (children) of those affected by cancer. Let it be known that when I say, “MoreThan4,” it’s my personal effort and goal to even better equip and support the fantastic men and women who are our frontline childhood cancer fighters at the NCI. Going forward with that thought in mind, #MoreThan4″ will continue to be my battle cry until we are able to change it to something like, #MoreThan5, or 6, or 7.”  

Please read this article,

Author: Joe Baber