Washington State – RACE4ChildrenAct

Washington is a key state in getting the RACE for Children Act passed. Here are 3 ways Washington can help get this important bill for childhood cancer passed!

There is a law that requires companies developing drugs for adults to also develop them for children: the Pediatric Research Equity Act (PREA).   However, PREA has never applied to cancer. Because children’s cancers occur in different organs than adult cancers, PREA pediatric study obligations are waived.

The Research to Accelerate Cures and Equity for Children Act (RACE for Children Act) updates PREA (written in 2003) so that it matches today’s science and extends to cancer.ChangeOrgan_edited-1

  • The RACE for Children Act authorizes the FDA to require PREA pediatric studies when a molecular target of an adult cancer drug is relevant to a children’s cancer.
  • The RACE for Children Act ends the orphan exemption that every new molecular target cancer drug has enjoyed over the past three years.
  • The RACE for Children Act does not incur costs on taxpayers!
  • The RACE for Children Act requires companies to give pediatric cancer researchers free supplies of cancer drugs, or conduct the pediatric studies themselves.

Here are the 3 ways you can help get this bill passed!

ONE: Sound off and show your support! Here is an easy way to send a letter asking for support of the Race for Children Act to your Representative and to both of your Senators at the same time with just a few clicks. If you know your zip code you are almost practically done! If you like, you can even personalize your letter with your own specific reasons why you support this bill, or why you feel your child would benefit from passage of the bill.

TWO: The Put a Face on RACE Selfie Campaign  is aimed at Washington’s  Senators and an influential member of the US House of Representatives.  We want to bring attention to the lack of drugs available in the United States. Today only 3 drugs have specifically been made for kids’ cancers while adults have hundreds.

Here’s how the Put a Face on Race works:

From now, until April 30th residents of Washington can Put a Face on Childhood Cancer and the RACE for Children Act. This campaign will target the both Senators and an influential  member of the US House of Representatives.

Take a selfie photo of yourself with your child, or with a picture of your child using a “Washington, I RACE for” sign (print  out here). Using the sample tweets below, tweet your selfie to each Senator and to the  Member of the US House of Representatives below.

Representative:  @cathymcmorris    Senators: @PattyMurray  @SenatorCantwell

Tweet This  (Copy and paste tweet below and add your selfie photo)

Please pass HR 1231, S 456 #Race4ChildrenAct. Improve drug development 4 #ChildhoodCancer. Bill requires no new funding @PattyMurray <<<contact here.

Be sure to attach your selfie photo to your tweet!  If you also have a Facebook account, post your selfie on your page and tell your friends you support RACE for Children Act. Ask them to join The Facebook Race for ChildrenAct Event page to stay active and informed.

THREE:  Call your Senator’s office and request that your Senator  support and vote for S 456 The RACE for Children Act.

Senator Patty Murray: Phone: (202) 224-2621

Senator Maria Cantrell:  Phone: (202) 224-3441

When calling, use this list of very good reasons why your Representative  should support RACE. 

  1. Children with cancer do not have access to the most promising, novel cancer drugs in their trials.
  1. RACE for Children Act provides that companies developing cancer drugs should test their drugs in children with cancer.  Specifically, pursuant to the RACE Act, if a cancer drug is developed for a molecular target that is relevant in a pediatric cancer, then that drug should be studied in the pediatric cancer as well.
  1. RACE is not a new law, but an update to an existing law. The RACE Act updates the Pediatric Research Equity Act (PREA), which provides that companies developing drugs for adults also test the drugs in children.
  1. RACE does not cost the taxpayers anything.