Support DIPG Grant


There has never been a Grant like this for DIPG Brain Cancer. Two very accomplished and well known Doctors/Researchers from two of the best institutions in the world are asking The National Cancer Institute to issue a grant that requires NCI to change the rules to favor using the grant over a collaboritive group of institutions that will perform various parts of the research.   Because pediatic brain cancer is so dificult due to the lack of tissue availabilty and the difficulty involved in getting drugs through the blood brain barrier (BBB), they must rely on several expert institutions to collaborate. This type of research can not be done in just one or two research labs. To ensure the success of this grant, the researchers  must use multiple collaborative efforts across several institutions which has  never been done before.

Here’s how you can help make this happen:

DIPGwrite_edited-1A letter from you as a parent/grandparent giving your perspective on why speeding the pace of brain cancer research is so important, especially for such a vulnerable population. The FAQ attached, has some important points you can highlight. These letters will be submitted alongside the grant application to show widespread community support for this approach.

Here’s a letter from a grandfather in support of the grant. Don’t copy or use it, use your own words, your own story, your own reasons why we need to hurry. Most of all, stress why we need collaboration among several research institutions who know how to collaborate and why we need NCI to “think out of the box” when issuing grants for DIPG.

Microsoft Word - SupportForSPOREGrant.docx