Live here? Help fund STAR


If you live in any of the Congressional Districts below, you can really help get the Childhood Cancer STAR Act fully funded.

Representative State District Some Cities within District  area code Phone
Roby, Martha AL 2 Montgomery, Dothan (202) 225-2901
Womack, Steve AR 3 Fayetteville, Harrison (202) 225-4301
Lee, Barbara CA 13th Oakland, Berkeley (202) 225-2661
Roybal-Allard, Lucille CA 40th Maywood, Downey (202) 225-1766
Simpson, Michael K. ID 2 Twin Falls, Idaho Falls (202) 225-5531
Clark, Katherine M. MA 5th Lexington, Winchester (202) 225-2836
Harris, Andy MD 1st Easton, Salisbury (202) 225-5311
Moolenaar, John R. MI 4th Mount Pleasant, Cadillac (202) 225-3561
Fleischmann, “Chuck” TN 3d Chattanooga, Oak Ridge (202) 225-3271
Herrera Beutler, Jaime WA 3d Longview, Goldendale (202) 225-3536
Pocan, Mark WI 2d Madison, Evansville (202) 225-2906
Cole, Tom OK 4th Ardmore, Lawton (202) 225-6165
DeLauro, Rosa L. CT 3d Ansonia, New Haven (202) 225-3661

All Congressional Representatives are in their districts during August. They are working on their re-election campaigns. They are more likely to listen now than any other time. This month is a great  time for you to make an impact on your Representative by putting a face on childhood cancer and showing how all children, adolescents and young adults can benefit from the The StarAct.  The STAR Act was passed by the House and the Senate and signed by the President. The Senate has funded the act, but it still needs to be funded by the House Appropriations LHHS Subcommittee.  Each of the above Representatives is on the Appropriations LHHS subcommittee.

If you live in their district you can greatly impact their opinion on providing funding. See if you can meet with your Representative and make a case for funding the STAR Act. Your Representative has one or more offices in their district to serve the people they represent in Washington. These local offices are often great places to meet your legislators and their staffs in person. Most Representatives are very eager to talk to as many of their constituents as possible about their concerns.

Here’s some quick and easy tips on how to schedule a visit and make a successful presentation of why the Childhood Cancer STAR Act is so important to our children in the fight against childhood cancer.

Schedule an appointment. Call and request a district meeting. Tell the Representative’s staff person you want to schedule a very short district meeting this month. be as flexible with dates and times as possible.

Explain the purpose of your meeting. Tell the scheduler that you would like to discuss  funding of the Childhood Cancer STAR Act that was recently signed by the President because it will have a huge effect on childhood cancer.

Tell your child’s story. When you go to the district meeting, tell your personal story, show a photo or take your child with you and demonstrate why the STAR Act is important to you.

Ask for their commitment. Ask them to vote to fully fund the STAR Act as the Senate did.

KidsNoDNoR_edited-1Remember that you will not be able to speak with Congressman/woman when you call and you should treat their staff person with the same respect you would if you were talking to  your Representative directly.

Your Representative will be in their district during the entire month of August. If you can’t meet at their office, then try seeing them by attending a meeting or rally while they are in your area as they solicit votes.