The CLINICAL TREATMENT Act  HR 913 amends title XIX of the Social Security Act to promote access to life-saving therapies for Medicaid enrollees by ensuring coverage of routine patient costs for items and services furnished in connection with participation in qualifying clinical trials, and for other purposes. Read Text

This bill was reintroduced by Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (NM-3) and Rep. Gus Bilirakis (FL-12) and it requires Medicaid to cover routine costs associated with enrollment in approved clinical trials for those with life threatening conditions.

About 1/3 of childhood cancer patients depend on Medicaid coverage for their care. Most children (about 80%) who are treated for cancer are treated in clinical trials, and their routine care is covered by insurance while the research costs of a trial are covered by a sponsor (most often the National Cancer Institute).  Today only about a dozen states ( marked in blue above) view clinical trials as standard care. In childhood cancer cases, those states that do not recognize clinical trials as routine standard medical care are leaving families responsible for high expenses for medical care.  This bill would require all states Medicaid insurance consider clinical trials standard medical care when there are no other alternatives.

58 cosponsors (49D, 9R)
Sponsor/Cosponsor Joined/Withdrawn On Assigned Committees
D Luján, Ben [D-NM3] Primary Sponsor
Energy and Commerce
R Bilirakis, Gus [R-FL12] Original Cosponsor
Energy and Commerce
D Kelly, Robin [D-IL2] Jul 17, 2019
Energy and Commerce
D Tonko, Paul [D-NY20] Oct 8, 2019
Energy and Commerce
D Butterfield, George “G.K.” [D-NC1] Nov 26, 2019
Energy and Commerce
D Kennedy, Joseph [D-MA4] Mar 3, 2020
Energy and Commerce
D Doyle, Michael “Mike” [D-PA18] Jun 22, 2020
Energy and Commerce
R McKinley, David [R-WV1] Sep 17, 2020
Energy and Commerce
D Rush, Bobby [D-IL1] Sep 17, 2020
Energy and Commerce
D Dingell, Debbie [D-MI12] Sep 29, 2020
Energy and Commerce
D Blunt Rochester, Lisa [D-DE0] Oct 9, 2020
Energy and Commerce
D Lofgren, Zoe [D-CA19] Apr 12, 2019
D Schiff, Adam [D-CA28] May 1, 2019
D Rouda, Harley [D-CA48] May 15, 2019
D Raskin, Jamie [D-MD8] May 20, 2019
D Castro, Joaquin [D-TX20] May 22, 2019
D Gallego, Ruben [D-AZ7] May 24, 2019
D Grijalva, Raúl [D-AZ3] May 30, 2019
D Rice, Kathleen [D-NY4] Jun 5, 2019
D Gonzalez, Vicente [D-TX15] Jun 18, 2019
D Axne, Cynthia [D-IA3] Jul 17, 2019
R Crenshaw, Dan [R-TX2] Jul 17, 2019
R Fitzpatrick, Brian [R-PA1] Jul 23, 2019
R Katko, John [R-NY24] Jul 24, 2019
D Cox, TJ [D-CA21] Aug 16, 2019
D Pocan, Mark [D-WI2] Sep 17, 2019
D Craig, Angie [D-MN2] Sep 27, 2019
D Johnson, Henry “Hank” [D-GA4] Oct 4, 2019
D Tlaib, Rashida [D-MI13] Oct 4, 2019
D McCollum, Betty [D-MN4] Oct 8, 2019
D Norton, Eleanor [D-DC0] Oct 8, 2019
D Price, David [D-NC4] Oct 8, 2019
D Kilmer, Derek [D-WA6] Oct 28, 2019
D Keating, William [D-MA9] Dec 10, 2019
R Smith, Adrian [R-NE3] Feb 4, 2020
D Luria, Elaine [D-VA2] Feb 25, 2020
D Allred, Colin [D-TX32] Apr 17, 2020
D Blumenauer, Earl [D-OR3] May 5, 2020
R Cole, Tom [R-OK4] Jun 22, 2020
D Moore, Gwen [D-WI4] Jul 16, 2020
D Beatty, Joyce [D-OH3] Aug 28, 2020
D Dean, Madeleine [D-PA4] Sep 22, 2020
D Green, Al [D-TX9] Sep 22, 2020
D Napolitano, Grace [D-CA32] Sep 22, 2020
D Scanlon, Mary [D-PA5] Sep 22, 2020
D Evans, Dwight [D-PA3] Sep 23, 2020
D San Nicolas, Michael [D-GU0] Sep 23, 2020
D Davis, Susan [D-CA53] Sep 24, 2020
R Hagedorn, Jim [R-MN1] Sep 24, 2020
D Rose, Max [D-NY11] Sep 29, 2020
D Davids, Sharice [D-KS3] Sep 30, 2020
D DeSaulnier, Mark [D-CA11] Sep 30, 2020
D Kind, Ron [D-WI3] Sep 30, 2020
D Davis, Danny [D-IL7] Oct 9, 2020
D Trone, David [D-MD6] Oct 9, 2020
R Young, Don [R-AK0] Oct 9, 2020
D Pingree, Chellie [D-ME1] Oct 16, 2020
D Ruppersberger, A. Dutch [D-MD2] Oct 27, 2020
D Levin, Mike [D-CA49] Nov 5, 2020

Committee Assignments