Color A Car

ColorACar_edited-1Most kids are out of school. Joe Gibbs Racing Facebook page recently asked kids to color a car and post it on Facebook. We thought it was a great idea and wanted to extend it to kids fighting childhood cancer. We added a Gold Ribbon to the car. You never know, if enough kids color it and post on FaceBook, we may convince them to put a gold ribbon on each of their cars in September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Below are templates you can download and color.

Download your car choice and use suggested hashtags for each. Color it as you like. Post on Facebook, and or tweet to your friends. 

If you do not have scanner, take a close up photo of your child’s car and post that!

Tag in Facebook Post: @Joe Gibbs Racing, @Toyota Racing, @Motorsports Go Gold

Twitter Hashtags – #GoldRibbon #forthekids #ChildhoodCancerAwareness

Tweet to: @Joe Gibbs Racing, @Toyota Racing, @Motorsports Go Gold

Click on car to download a PDF


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